Global 6 Solutions Rental Policies


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Rental Period and Rates

Generally, rates are quoted for a one-day, single-use event. Will Call days are Mondays and
Thursdays for customers who pick up and return equipment on their own. Arrangements for
customers utilizing Global 6 Solutions’ delivery, pick up and labor services will be made on a
case-by-case basis depending on customer needs, staffing, delivery assets, venue
requirements, etc. Typically, this allows obtaining the equipment at least the day before the
event and return the next business day after the event. This allows for 2 or 3 days out for a one
day price. If you require a different rental period or accommodation, please contact us for rate
information. All charges are for time out use whether used or not. Prices and policies are
subject to change.

Order Changes

  • Final changes to item counts need to be placed at least 14 days prior to delivery or
    customer pick up.
  • One week prior to the Out Date orders are packed, staged and loaded and cannot be
  • Equipment added to your order within one week of the Out Date may be subject to Last
    Minute Order or Delivery Fees.
  • Or, to avoid extra delivery fees you are welcome to pick up the items from our location.
    Once the order is assembled full charges apply. Cancellations (not including tents)
  • Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to the Out Date will be charged half of the rental.
    Cancellations made within 14 days of the Out Date will be charged 75% of the rental.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of the Out Date will be charged the full rental. Additional
    charges may apply if the order has been loaded and/or in route.
  • Cancellation on special order items is not refundable.
  • To make a reservation a 50% Down Payment of the Total Charges is due.
  • The remaining payment is due at least 2 weeks prior to the Out Date when quantities and
    items are finalized.
  • Also, at two weeks prior to the Out Date a Deposit is due. The Deposit is a flat amount
    collected to cover loss, damage (if damage waiver is not elected), late returns, missing
    items, and unexpected conditions requiring additional services. The deposit amount is
    determined by the size of the order and is refunded after the order is checked in and closed
    (less any adjustments due to the aforementioned occurrences).
  • If you add to the order additional Down Payment amounts may be needed.
  • Payments can be made with credit card or cash. Checks payments must be received at
    least 2 weeks prior to the Out Date. Cash and check refunds may take up to three weeks.
    A driver’s license is typically used for identification.
  • There is a $225 rental minimum order (not including labor, delivery, pick up, damage waiver
    and taxes).


Event Rental Policies
– Tent Cancellations

-Tent reservations cancelled 90 days or more prior to the Out Date will receive a full refund.

-Tent reservations cancelled less than 90 days prior to event will be charged half of the tent

-Tent reservations cancelled within 7 days of the Out Date will be charged the full rental.
Damage Waiver.

-An optional damage waiver is available. For 10% of the rental charges, the customer can waive
the risk of accidental damage to rented items (except installed tents, see below). The Damage
Waiver does not cover the cost of missing items or negligent use of the equipment. To make
sure you receive credit for broken or damaged items (if Damage Waiver is elected) please
return the broken items. For example, if a glass is broken please return the broken piece(s) for
coverage. Excluded from this waiver is loss or damage due to theft, disappearance, and
mildewed, burned or torn linen. Examples of damage covered by Damage Waiver include
accidental damage such as chips, cracks, broken china or glassware; stains to linens, damage
to tables or chairs. The damage waiver fee is non-refundable.

Damage Waiver Is Not Available for Installed Tents

-Damage waiver is not available on installed tents and is not charged on installed tents. Damage
due to weather to tents installed by Global 6 Solutions is Global 6 Solutions’ risk. Damage to
tents from vandalism, vehicles, lawn equipment, decorations, other vendors, grilling and food
preparation, non-Global 6 Solutions lighting, falling branches and trees not from weather, and
chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides; for example, is the customer’s responsibility.

Broken, Damaged and Missing Rental Items

-The customer is responsible for the equipment while in their possession. Be sure equipment is
secured when not in use and protected from the weather. Notify us immediately if you find
something broken or missing when it is received!

Customer Pick Up and Return

-Our warehouse and offices are located at 13609 Victory Blvd., Ste 131, Van Nuys, CA 91401.
Global 6 Solutions is located near the intersection of Interstate 170/101. Business hours are 8
AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. We are closed most Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Customers may pick up and return orders during business hours. Items you are picking up
must fit safely inside your vehicle. You are responsible for loading, unloading and securing the l
oad in your vehicle; however, at your request, we can assist you. Global 6 Solutions staff will
exercise care when assisting you but cannot be responsible for damage to the vehicle or
personal property that may occur during loading, unloading, or transport.

Event Rental Policies

-Delivery is available for an extra charge between 8:00-5:00pm, Monday through Saturday.
Fees are determined by zip code and number of vehicles required. It includes service to firstfloor
docks, garages or within 25 feet of the tailgate of the truck. Delivery, pickup, setup and
take down to areas or floors beyond this require additional charges due to increased labor
involvement. Other delivery times and services can be arranged with our office staff for an extra
fee. Our delivery staff is instructed to stack all items at a place immediately accessible to our
truck. Set up and takedown is available for a fee if arranged in advance with our office staff.
Special racks, containers and packaging are provided for china, glassware, flatware, etc., to
ensure that you receive your items sanitized, undamaged, and ready for use. Missing or
damaged packaging is charged a replacement fee.

Pick Up

Rental items need to be returned to their point of delivery. China, glassware, and flatware
should be rinsed free of food and placed back in their supplied racks. Linens should be dry and
returned in the bags or bins provided (make sure fabric items are not damp to avoid mildew).
Tables and chairs should be taken down and stacked and ready for pick up. All items should be
ready in a single location, secured, protected from the elements, and ready for pick up. Items
not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.